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I’ve been living in Kona and enjoying the islands for over 35 years now and thought I would like to share the day of a Happy Woman in Kona.  Surfer, paddler, gardener (loving that my vanilla beans are drying now).  I have raised a family here. Now with 5 grandchildren all under the age of 7 yrs.  I work and play every day in the warm tranquil island environment called Hawaii. Gosh, pinch me! Is it real? I say that every day!

You can read about how I got here on my real estate link.  That’s the work I love, but this is the play.  I incorporate both in my life everyday.  My kids want me to write a book about when I arrived here, the people I met and the things I did back then.  I am not that old really….yet.  But that day in Hawaii is gone and today is another moment in Hawaii. My daughter talked me into getting a camera so I can capture the amazing little things.  So I just got a small camera that fits in the pocket of my surf shorts, a Go Pro & she is teaching me how to use it (and not loose it) when I am out surfing or diving.  I can’t wait to get ​proficient on the Go Pro​.  I am not a good photographer but my kids are. Wow they are talented. But in the upcoming months I will show some of my photography.

I plan to capture things like what happened to me the other morning, it was a deciding factor to buy the camera.  I was surfing on a board my friend shaped and the sun popped up over Hualalai mountain and lit up a big cloud over the horizon with PINK light that reflected pink on the water, all the ocean turned pink.  I looked out to see a pink crest starting to break!  So I surfed metalic pink waves for a short while and it was a real mind blower.  Hopefully I will not fumble the go pro and will capture some of these moments.

One of my favorite things to do is visit my family on Oahu.  So every few weeks I go to Haleiwa on the North shore of Oahu for a visit. There are so many more beautiful sandy beaches there and I love unwinding on them.  One of my past times is to beach walk & hunt for shells.

More to come!

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